420 Science Silicone Lids

I had the pleasure of getting to spend an extra day hanging around Austin after the Glassroots Trade Show this past April. One of the great highlights of that day was getting a tour of 420 Science’s home office which featured an introduction to their latest innovation… a full silicone lid designed to make their line of jars air-tight. I had simply come to accept that without a system of o-rings and/or threading that a jar wouldn’t be air tight. Very rarely have I been this happy to have been proven wrong.



Fast forward several weeks and I was pleasantly surprised to find a box containing two sizes of jars upon my desk awaiting my arrival. Rather than the tapered mouth jars I was accustomed to seeing from 420 Science, I was greeted by a duo of containers with straight walls. It may seem a small shift, but this change in shape is quite the advancement in both form and function. The new, sheer outside walls give these jars a much cleaner appearance and would look just at home amongst Bunsen burners as they do upon my mantle. Beyond the upgrade in appearance, the now widened mouth makes accessing your jar’s contents easier than ever (particularly if your hands are on the larger end of the spectrum).


Of course, the biggest shift came from the creation and addition of the new silicone lid. The silicone used is very pleasant to the touch and seems to have been designed with years of use in mind. The double walled design fits snugly around the glass with only a minimal amount of fiddling to get everything flush. Removal is even simpler with the inclusion of the duck tail handle into the design. A steady pull and the lid slides smoothly away from the jar which nearly eliminates the risk of spillage found with lids that pop free.


Being the type to tinker and toy, I’ve put this duo through the wringer since I got my hands on them. My first little experiment was to drop a handful of rolling papers into each jar and submerge them in water for a few hours. If so much as a single drop of moisture were to come through, the papers would certainly play stool pigeon… but after 3 hours under the water the papers were just as dry as when they left the pack! Having confirmed the seal to be quite complete, I simply had to test its staying power. Standing in the center of my living room, I grabbed the jar firmly with both hands and shook it with all the force my 250 pound frame could muster. After having improvised my own aerobic workout and scaring my dog while doing so, I couldn’t see where the lid had budged at all.


I will admit that I’m pretty impressed with what the 420 Science has pulled off with this new design. Jars always seemed to be an instance were near any attempt to innovate would be an exercise in reinventing the wheel, but this new design has made all the right improvements and will both look and perform wonderfully, no matter the environment!


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