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Dosh aka Doshworld has been putting a new spin on an old-school technique – the “cut n’ flip” – and has given it a new light. A breath taking style of lamp working that utilizes pure gold and silver combined with the ancient wrap-and-rake technique. This color changing inside-out glass pattern, along with the energy of the moment encased within is what makes every piece sacred. On my trip to the Glassroots Art Show in Austin, TX, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to sit down the with man himself for a one-on-one interview.

Yellow Stemless

HB:  Let’s start with the basics. What is your name? How old are you? How long have you been making glass pipes?
My name is Bryan Dosher, known to many as Doshworld. I am in the early run of my thirties. I have been working with borosilicate, creating glass pipes since 1997.

HB:  What city do you live/work in?
The ground that I return to most often would be the Great North West. However, I have been known to live/work in cities all over the country. Tucson, AZ; Huntington Beach, CA; Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; Denver, CO; , Kansas; Austin, TX; Upstate, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Burlington, VT; Bellingham, WA; Seattle, WA; Spokane, WA. Just to name a few.

HB: What other artistic mediums do you or have you dabbled in?
I started right away with Lego as soon as I could fit them together. My childhood was consumed with playing and creating, which lead to college where I basically took every studio art class available, from print making to stone carving. I studied history, geology, greek mythology, and spent a lot of time in the ceramics department. Ceramics, at the time was a favorite of mine, until I ran out of studio classes, at which point I withdrew. That’s when, as fate would have it, a traveling glass artist pulled up to my house looking for a place to set up shop.

 Red Stemless

HB: What is it about working with hot glass that you love most?
Glass activates the moment more so than any other medium I have gotten my hands on (well in this case have not touched without a burn or blister). Glass is a dance with gravity and heat swirling around flames reaching temperatures of over two thousand degrees. Every moment with glass is a storm of thoughts, density, heat penetration, viscosity and thermal shock, all calculated within a fraction of a second.  I will invest my everything into a single piece, hours upon hours, and all could be lost within a moment. Yet it is the very moment that I must arc an infinite amount of knowledge into! It’s exhilarating.

HB:  Everyone knows of that tell-tale “Dosh” look. Can you tell us a little about the signature technique that is seen throughout your pieces?
The Cut n’ Flip (taught to me be J.Lee) has grown to be my most recognizable ‘signature style’. It’s a perfect combination of everything that I love about glass. The process itself is a mantra for me to wake up with the glass. Starting with a hot stringer wrap over a clear tube, I then fume a delicate application of gold and silver. Once fumed I begin to rake the glass, slightly melting the thin color stringer with the gold and silver creating a ‘frozen chevron in time’. Fused within the matrix of the glass every rake is completely unique from another, kind of like a thumb print. Next, I immediately begin to cut open, flatten and flip the pattern inside-out, reworking the glass back into a sphere.  The whole dance incorporates so many steps that once complete, my awareness of the medium itself is awakened.

HB:  What are your favorite colors of glass to work with at the moment?
I have always been drawn to the more transparent sparkly colors, light activates me. In contrast, I like to use colors that carry a striking quality to them. The way striking colors shift and change in the flame and over time in the kiln, fascinates me. I find it kind of infinite.

HB:  What inspires your artwork?
Something about borosilicate that has always intrigued me is how unaffected it is by mostly all known corrosive elements. As fragile as it is, glass will perpetuate for thousands, if not millions of years, under the right conditions. If all that we know about our past lies within bones and in stone, then perhaps all of the energy, imagery, and emotion that we infuse into our glass today can carry on for generations into the future, past ledgend into myth and beyond. Our glass-the art and culture of today-tumbled through time, has all the potential of telling future ancient stories past.

HB:  Do you collect glass pipes yourself?
Absolutely! A hysterical movement in glass pipe art culture is happening all around us. If I am moved by a particular piece I do not hesitate to archive it.

HB:  How do you see the market for artisan-made glass pipes changing in the next 5 years?
The future..? See I do not.

Double Dishes
HB:  What have been your favorite innovations in lamp working that have come about in the last two years? (Tools, techniques, anything…)
I must say the techniques that have come forth from the growing pipe community are absolutely astounding! I’m just tickled to see how endless the boundaries of this medium really are.

HB:   How does your philosophy of being “in the moment” play in with the creation and selling of your pieces?
The Cut n’ Flip creates a translucent optical illusion of gold and silver fuming, raked and pulled into an array of multi-color chevrons, which create a chronologic/color-changing timeline for whomever is sharing in the moments with my art. This is my moment shared in the creation of all my work, may it take you all to wonderful moments shared with amazing folks throughout our great gift of life. Did that answer the question?

HB: What other pipe-makers inspire you at the moment?
There are too many to list! But I’ll name a few of those who have made an influence on my life… Jason Lee, Micah Evans, Zach Puchowitz, Slinger, Amber Pellegrini, EASE, Ezra Zygmuntowicz, Eli Z, Brock, Hamm, Marcel Braun, Chris Carlson, JP Toro, Bear Claw, Joe Peters, JOP, JAG, $NIC, Banjo, Scott Deppe (Mothership), Salt, David Colton, Trill glass, Yoshinori Kondo, Junichi Kojima (Roads Roads), Dena, Eusheen..,

HB: If you were able to set up your workspace in any location in the universe, where would you set up shop?
Well I suppose if I could set up anywhere… In the whole wide universe… Gypsy/Renaissance/Warrior style would lend to some kind of… Portal-jumping/time-bending/power-generating/house/shop/space-time-traveling-gypsy-wagon-thing..!? That way I could be almost anywhere!

– Article and Photography by Glass Otaku


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