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Glassroots Austin

4/20 is a time honored celebration in Austin, Texas. As a teenager, I remember attending my first Bob Marley Reggae festival, eyeing a hookah for the first time beneath a makeshift tent, jamming to the Killer Bees, and smoking on the hillside of the Palmer Auditorium Shores. Imagine my delight when fifteen years later as […]

Better-Bat Twist

I’ve honestly had a mind boggling number of pieces pass through my collection. This constant flux has led to gaps appearing periodically though. I’ve spent time without a water pipe, time without a spoon, time without a bubbler, but I realized I’ve never spent any considerable amount of time without a bat in the mix. […]


At a hotel room party in Vegas during the most recent CHAMPS / BIG / AGE marathon, I came across the illest party piece yet – The Boomstick. While there was no shortage of gorgeous rigs and massive spliffs, this sword-like piece of equipment was making a splash in the center of the room. Simple […]

No Goo

Since I’ve begun to notice the effect several years of smoking was having on my lungs, I’ve been making a healthy attempt to replace much of my daily combustion with vaporization. While I near instantly appreciated the easier breathing that followed, most vaporization setups left me wanting as far as potency was concerned. This held […]