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As any dedicated glass collector can confirm, a solid collection quickly presents a considerable storage problem. As such, I decided that it was time to start searching for options to help consolidate my collection. I decided if I was going to spend the money, with so many accessories I want to roll with – heady […]

Vape Tools Non-Stick Silicone Pad

Now that a noteworthy number of people have converted from smoking to the vaporization of essential oils, we’re beginning to see a slow wave of extract oriented products come to market. The most universal challenge to consuming essential oils is simply handling your product. Regardless of consistency, there is an inherent level of adhesion that […]

Vortex Hollow

Several years ago you would be hard pressed to find space to sit in my living room during a smoke session, and my glass collection was filled with all the appropriate hardware to handle a small platoon of smokers at once. Over time my typical gatherings have grown smaller and smaller, dipping from a healthy […]