At a hotel room party in Vegas during the most recent CHAMPS / BIG / AGE marathon, I came across the illest party piece yet – The Boomstick. While there was no shortage of gorgeous rigs and massive spliffs, this sword-like piece of equipment was making a splash in the center of the room.

Simple yet powerful, the Boomstick is a large glass siphon that uses air-tight suction to pull smoke into a long glass chamber and shoot it out in a concentrated stream. The piece employs the new industry standard 10/14 ground joint and bowl to ensure a clean current of smoke. Although it can be used in conjunction with a diffused ash catcher or a Helix spinner, the Boomstick is most often burned on it’s own.

The knock-em-dead device gets its name from the 1992 dark-fantasy film Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness, where the main character (Bruce Campbell) refers to his gun as his “Boomstick” to a throng of medieval townspeople. Like a kegstand or a beer bong, the Boomstick is not for lightweights. It will knock your ass down. Josh Carver, inventor of this unique piece and the ever popular Smoke Soap cleaner sold by 420 Science, had the idea in college and made several homemade versions before presenting his idea to Grav Labs. He wanted the innovation experts on the case. After 10 months of creating various prototypes, the apparatus was ready to be released into the wild.

The Boomstick comes in 2 sizes for variety. It is an interactive and impressive conversation piece, but the strength of the hit is a force to be reckoned with… as I found out firsthand.

Fast forward to the Boomstick’s debut in Vegas: Josh is proudly holding the double glass tube the size of a policeman’s club by the handle. He loads up the bowl end and I step up to bat. The crowd is chanting, “Boomstick, Boomstick, Boomstick…”

The piece is best administered by two people, so I light the bowl, which burns in seconds as he pulls the grip to create the suction. At full mast, the piece is a yard long, the larger chamber filled with swirling smoke. Josh plucks the bowl and I prepared myself for the steamroller strength blast. Holding the Boomstick like a giant syringe Carver slowly pushed the inner tube with the grip. The geyser of smoke hits me and by some miracle I am able to take almost all of it in. A bystander inhales the last remaining puff, as I stumble back from the impact. My mind is blown and I feel very medicated. Josh loads the next Boomstick round with 3 bowls worth of smoke and stands on a table to “crop dust” the crowd.
There are many activities and methods to explore with this mechanism. You can give yourself a hit and take it as slowly as you please, using the bowl as a stopper. There is also record of the Boomstick being used in distance and stamina tests. There are endless possibilities. The Boomstick is first and foremost, a party piece and a people pleaser. Show up to a 420 friendly event with this item, and you are not easily forgotten. Unless you get hit! Brace yourself.

– by Grav Labs, Hot Breath Product Review

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