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Randy’s Roots

While I’m normally one to wind the day down with a well loaded pipe or vaporizer, there is a certain appeal to sharing a hand rolled cigarette among friends. As such, I typically keep a small variety of papers tucked into my smoking box for such occasions. Such an event presented itself this past weekend […]

Germ Glass

The glass pipe art community in Philadelphia stands out amongst the rest. Founded with an emphasis on artistic expression, each is known for their museum quality bodies of work. Today a new class of Philly pipe-makers are taking a positive lead from the originators who put the town on the map. While covering the C.H.A.M.P.S. […]

DFO Cornerstone Glass

As the art grade pipe scene continues to evolve from the underground into the public spotlight, so does it’s vibrant culture. From it’s humble beginnings the Degenerate Flame Off, aka DFO, has grown from a tight knit industry gathering into a thriving event of the season. This year, sixteen of the world’s top artists competed in […]