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The Juice Box

As an avid glass collector, I always seem able to find an excuse to bring a new piece home to join the family. I recently had all of my water pieces out for a deep cleaning and noticed something odd. I had just sold off a couple and had somehow left myself with nothing under […]

Randy’s Roots

While I’m normally one to wind the day down with a well loaded pipe or vaporizer, there is a certain appeal to sharing a hand rolled cigarette among friends. As such, I typically keep a small variety of papers tucked into my smoking box for such occasions. Such an event presented itself this past weekend […]

RYOT Roller Pouch

I’ve recently taken yet another stab at rolling my own cigarettes rather than continue to shell out an inordinate amount of money per pack. What I realized has always brought me back from the pouch to the pack has been the sheer convenience of pulling a cigarette out and lighting up compared to digging out […]