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420 Science Silicone Lids

I had the pleasure of getting to spend an extra day hanging around Austin after the Glassroots Trade Show this past April. One of the great highlights of that day was getting a tour of 420 Science’s home office which featured an introduction to their latest innovation… a full silicone lid designed to make their […]

Better-Bat Twist

I’ve honestly had a mind boggling number of pieces pass through my collection. This constant flux has led to gaps appearing periodically though. I’ve spent time without a water pipe, time without a spoon, time without a bubbler, but I realized I’ve never spent any considerable amount of time without a bat in the mix. […]


At a hotel room party in Vegas during the most recent CHAMPS / BIG / AGE marathon, I came across the illest party piece yet – The Boomstick. While there was no shortage of gorgeous rigs and massive spliffs, this sword-like piece of equipment was making a splash in the center of the room. Simple […]

No Goo

Since I’ve begun to notice the effect several years of smoking was having on my lungs, I’ve been making a healthy attempt to replace much of my daily combustion with vaporization. While I near instantly appreciated the easier breathing that followed, most vaporization setups left me wanting as far as potency was concerned. This held […]