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 Ever wonder why your Facebook page isn’t getting more engagement? Wish there was a way to ‘turn on the hose’ and have a rush of new, excited people like your fan page and start engaging with your page?

Well if so, then you’ll want to read every word of this article.

My name is Jaycob and my team and I manage a series of Facebook pages that reach over one million people everyday. Our fan pages get hundreds of thousands of people talking about it everyday, so to put it simply, we know how to get results with Facebook.

Today, I’m going to share some of our secrets with you for growing your business on Facebook. First, remember there’s around one billion people on Facebook, and MILLIONS of them live the 420 lifestyle, so this is a HUGE market for you to tap into.

Now, let’s talk about one major key point you need to understand and implement in order to make Facebook work better for you.

Think of Facebook as a digital party that is going on 24/7. Some of the best engagement on fan pages comes from content that shows the company’s PERSONALITY, NOT THE PRODUCTS.

Most people don’t care about the latest color of your product that you just released. They want to see a picture of something funny or cool that they can engage in. So, to get the best results, make 80% of your posts about things that are NOT directly related to your business!

This non-business content can be fun stuff like memes, jokes, facts, funny pictures, etc. Then, about 20% of the time, share a post related to your company; such as a new product or special offer. And make sure you put a link to your website in all of your business related posts, to get more targeted traffic to your website.

Implement these key strategies and you’ll begin seeing better results with your Facebook marketing.

And check out the next issue for even more valuable tips on how grow your business with Facebook.

Stay blessed,

− Jaycob

P.S. If you have any questions or would like to speak with me about using Facebook for your business, I’d love to connect with you about it. Feel free to give me a call directly at 925-550-1339 or send me an email at


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