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Since I’ve begun to notice the effect several years of smoking was having on my lungs, I’ve been making a healthy attempt to replace much of my daily combustion with vaporization. While I near instantly appreciated the easier breathing that followed, most vaporization setups left me wanting as far as potency was concerned. This held true until I was introduced to the vaporization of herbal concentrates or essential oils. Finally I had hit the sweet spot that provided potency without scorching my bronchial passages, but of course there are still drawbacks. While concentrates provide the much appreciated kick, their inherent adhesive nature makes them a bit more interesting to handle and travel with compared to their dry counterparts. Parchment paper works in a pinch, but is far from ideal. Hence, when I was presented with the No Goo concentrate container, my eyes instantly lit up.

This little wonder is a pocket friendly jar constructed entirely of silicone. This provides a completely non-stick enclosure, thwarting the adhesive abilities of anything you throw at it. Even with a rather sticky, low-viscosity oil a few minutes in the freezer will allow everything to be popped free easily. Beyond the sheer convenience and efficiency provided, this leads to a virtually zero-loss container! I shudder to think at the sheer quantity of essential oil I have seen lost to plastic containers… and a second shudder is given for the dollar value lost. Being a rather frugal individual, I am beyond ecstatic to see that continuous loss removed.

While we’re on the topic of loss, I must admit that I was more than a little afraid trusting my vapeables to a flexible lid that relies on short threading. But… my fears were quickly shown to be unjustified. With a simple twist, the lid proves itself to be quite dutiful in its work to protect your precious products. When closed securely, the No Goo jar can actually be thrown around in the same fashion as the vending machine bouncy ball ubiquitous to childhood without the lid popping free. I did eventually succeed in getting the jar to separate, but that was only after allowing it to drop 30 feet to a concrete floor eight consecutive times without retightening the lid.

At their initial release, the No Goo jar is available at a rather reasonably priced five pack. The jar that I’ve been bouncing around town for the past month or so is a vibrant yellow, but the pack also includes orange, green, red, and blue. Of course it is a small detail, but I absolutely love being able to separate my different extracts into their own jar and grab the one I need at a moment’s notice.

At this point, I can honestly say that I have not found another option that so successfully eliminates the hassle of storing and travelling with herbal extracts. I have come across other options, but they have all fallen short on some category, be it size, price, or durability. As far as this less than humble smoker is concerned, it’ll take a considerable amount of work to surpass the No Goo concentrate jar, and I don’t see it happening too quickly!

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