As any dedicated glass collector can confirm, a solid collection quickly presents a considerable storage problem. As such, I decided that it was time to start searching for options to help consolidate my collection. I decided if I was going to spend the money, with so many accessories I want to roll with – heady glass, a grinder, containers, etc, I might as well aim for something with a little broader function.

After looking past several shop options for “tube and pipe bags,” I ended my search with the RYOT Pro-Duffle. These are softbodied, heavily-padded cases that look like purposeful gear bags. And rightly so. The exterior of each of the three available sizes is geared up with a duo of pockets, a pair of hand straps, and a removable shoulder strap. But, the interior of these cases is where the real magic happens though. Tucked away within the non-descript exterior, is an ample enclosure padded with a high quality foam along with an extra base pad, padded downstem pocket, removable fresh pouch, and a padded spring wall. The extra pad, placed at the bottom of the case when loaded, provides a double source of protection to any gravity induced shocks to the contents. In addition to providing stability for your glass, the spring wall is garnished with several soft pockets for all of your accessories. In a single 26” case, I’ve stored a 22” tube, an ash catcher, 3 dry spoons, 4 slides, 2 dabbers, a glass dish, pipe cleaners, and had just enough room for the partridge if I ever get him out of the pear tree. BTW, that partridge sized slack that would make me a little uncertain about the safety of the case contents is managed via the forethought to include adjustable straps that run the circumference of the case. These are easily pulled by cinching any extra space tight against your precious cargo. When you’re ready to pull your gear free of their cushiony confines, the straps may be temporarily released via of a pair of buckles. Truth is, I’m stoked at what the RYOT Pro Duffle has done for me.

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