Randy’s Roots

While I’m normally one to wind the day down with a well loaded pipe or vaporizer, there is a certain appeal to sharing a hand rolled cigarette among friends. As such, I typically keep a small variety of papers tucked into my smoking box for such occasions. Such an event presented itself this past weekend when the night was drawing to a close and a few folks were still lingering around my humble abode enjoying a few… ahem… adult beverages. While my friends conversed on my back porch, I pulled my smoking box out of the hall closet to grab papers and a bit of smoke. Lying atop the pile of papers was a pack of Randy’s Roots that I had been given almost a month prior.



Before I began my integration into the glass scene, Randy’s had been my go-to paper option for a couple of years. Since I am not a particularly dainty fellow, I have a terrible tendency to rip rolling papers on the “tuck”. This reason drove me to rely upon Randy’s for my rolling needs. The wire run through the non-gummed edge of the paper provides just enough resistance and stability to easily finish my roll without damage to either the paper or my temper. Beyond the incomparable rolling ease provided, it always seemed that the wire also made anything that I pre-rolled a bit more durable and travel ready.


Since Randy’s had already proven themselves as far as I was concerned, I was pretty excited to give their new Roots line a spin. I first noticed that their packaging was a bit non-conventional. Rather than the interwoven style packaging found with most papers, Randy’s Roots are hand-packed as single sheets. It is an odd detail, but for some reason I really enjoy that this leaves the papers without a crease. After adding a crease all my own, I noticed that these papers have a bit heavier texture than the traditional Randy’s. This makes for a rather pleasant tactile experience while rolling and leave the finished product feeling more “natural” than other papers. This little bit of grit also seems to allow the nominal quantity of natural adhesive to get a much improved grip while sealing.


Once a flame is brought to the tip and the cherry is rolling, Randy’s Roots truly begin to shine. From first spark to the tail end, what little flavor added by the organic hemp is quite pleasant. Every cigarette that I’ve rolled thus far has burned evenly with only a nominal amount of run to be seen. As you near the end of your smoke, the fore mentioned wire makes for quite the convenient little handle. This allows you an easy way to get the last little bit of smoke from your cigarette even if it’s unfiltered! I also found one other small use for the iconic wire. Since my hand rolled smokes tend to carry a bit more kick than my standard routine, I often find myself snubbing one and leaving it to light up later. Now once the flame is out, I bend the end of the wire into a hook and hang it from either my rear porch or the small hook hanging from my awning, leaving the scent of half burnt cigarette outside when I return indoors.


All in all, I have seriously enjoyed working my way through this pack of papers over the past several weeks. I’ve put these papers into the hands of a couple dozen different people in that time and am yet to hear a discouraging word spoken of them. Now that I am nearing the end of this pack, I am certain I’ll be in search of more Randy’s Roots in no time at all.


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