RYOT Roller Pouch

I’ve recently taken yet another stab at rolling my own cigarettes rather than continue to shell out an inordinate amount of money per pack. What I realized has always brought me back from the pouch to the pack has been the sheer convenience of pulling a cigarette out and lighting up compared to digging out my pouch of tobacco and hunting down a suitable rolling surface. Having realized this, I was excited to be introduced to RYOT’s Roller Pouch. I personally took home one of the gray pouches, but there is an attractive natural fiber finish available as well.


The Roller Pouch is a pocket friendly, checkbook sized rolling solution. The exterior is composed of an organic cotton and ramie blend which is very pleasant to the touch and an elastic band spanning the width that can be used to keep everything secured. When opened, you will find pockets for both your papers and either a standard or mini sized lighter. Behind these pockets is a large foil lined pouch to hold onto your choice of smoking blends. This foil extends slightly past the midway point of the pouch; this fine detail means that when the pouch is closed this pocket is sealed helping to keep your smoke fresh and your pockets clean. The greatest feature of the Roller Pouch for me is actually the reverse side of the lid which has been designed as a rolling surface rather than being left as a dead panel.


This is precisely the feature that made the Roller Pouch stand out for me. Now, rather than covering my lap or the floor of my truck in tobacco, any spillage drops onto the pouch. Since the seam between the rolling tray and pouch has been reversed, that spillage can be dumped back into the foil pouch with neither hassle nor waste. Now, I’m never without a surface. I’ve rolled a smoke everywhere from an airport parking lot to inside the Fox Theater in Atlanta to a tent in the middle of the woods!


While it was never explicitly stated as a use, I’ve now found the Roller Pouch to be periodically replacing my wallet when I head out for a night on the town. Rather than keeping track of a pack of smokes and my wallet, I’ve taken to tossing my ID, cash, and credit cards into the Roller Pouch. Even when loaded with all of that and a half pouch of tobacco, it eats up less space in my pockets than either a pack of smokes or my wallet did solo.


While I’ve still got a little ways to go before switching to purely hand-rolled cigarettes, RYOT’s roller pouch has made the transition process much smoother than any other attempt I’ve made. This smoking system isn’t flashy. It isn’t high tech. It doesn’t have its origins in the space program. But… it is a beautifully-designed, simple product that seems to have had great attention paid to the all the right details. If you’re just now looking to make the switch to roll your own or have been twisting papers for decades, I can’t recommend RYOT’s Roller Pouch highly enough!




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