The Juice Box

As an avid glass collector, I always seem able to find an excuse to bring a new piece home to join the family. I recently had all of my water pieces out for a deep cleaning and noticed something odd. I had just sold off a couple and had somehow left myself with nothing under 12 inches tall. I’m typically a fan of smaller bubblers and felt that I was doing myself a great injustice by having such a glaring gap.



Highly motivated and feeling self-justified, I swiftly found myself scanning the shelves of our local shop looking for just the right pick. After some serious debate and a couple of quick consultations, I am now the proud owner of a new micro showerhead bubbler made by the good folks over at Green Flash Glass, which I later learned has been nicknamed the Juice Box by its creators. The specific one I took home is all clear, but these little guys are available in either pink or green as well. I settled in on the 14 mm direct inject model over the 14 mm female joint as I already had a titanium nail that would complement the piece nicely.


The guys over at Green Flash have taken the already impressive design of their king sized showerhead bubbler and successfully condensed it down to a fully functional 7 inch version. What really made this pint-sized bubbler stand apart for me is the dry bottom design. This unique aspect removes almost all drag from the Juice Box. Despite the compact size, 20 slits have been packed around the circumference of the showerhead perc. With so little drag, it doesn’t take much of a pull to get every slit firing and fill the chamber with bubbles. Thankfully the narrow mouthpiece extending from the top of the can has a trio of pinches and a subtle lean back; this makes for a great splash guard and without it the high flow showerhead would certainly leave the lips wet.


Beyond the wonderful design, the build quality of the Juice Box leaves no room for reproach. Upon close inspection the welds throughout this piece are uniformly sound and free of visual imperfections. This is obviously the work of someone with years behind the torch fueled by a passion for improvement. This solid construction has turned the Juice Box into an instant favorite for traveling. I have no hesitation tossing this little guy into any of my cases and hitting the road with him. As long as I’m not going off-roading between stops, I have no qualms about its safety. Once on the table, the wide flared base makes tipping this guy over quite unlikely. Without exaggeration, this piece is easily the most stable in my collection!


I normally steer towards a little less diffusion when vaporizing herbal concentrates to avoid dulling the flavor or creating extra reclaim along the inside of my glass. This little wonder has shown me exactly why I never stick to hard rules when shopping for glass. Due to its miniscule stature, this piece needs only a nominal quantity of water to function fully. This leads to a wonderful preservation of flavor with a minimal quantity of buildup appearing. Not to belabor the point, but this little piece has one of the most well balance hits that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in terms of holding flavor while stripping harshness from the vapor.


While the Juice Box may not carry the visually stunning artwork of some of Green Flash’s recent collaborations, its fusion of form and function is a beauty unto itself. If anyone out there is looking for a daily driver that you’ll be glad to see at each session, be sure to check out the Juice Box!


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