Vape Tools Non-Stick Silicone Pad

Now that a noteworthy number of people have converted from smoking to the vaporization of essential oils, we’re beginning to see a slow wave of extract oriented products come to market. The most universal challenge to consuming essential oils is simply handling your product. Regardless of consistency, there is an inherent level of adhesion that does everything in its power to keep your extracts precisely where they are. When I first started dabbling in essential oils, I used nothing more than a glass dish to store my products. While it did its job well enough, I quickly grew tired of having to either pull out a razor blade or chalk up the last remnants as a total loss. My first attempt at a solution was a silicone pad that contained a woven fiber that gave it a little extra rigidity. This was great at first, but after only a couple of months the fibers had begun to work their way through in spots. Which lead to my extracts sticking in those areas.

Exasperated, I returned to my search. Knowing that the silicone had worked quite well, I found myself headed home with a duo of Vape Tools non-stick silicone pads. These pads are composed entirely of silicone. I felt much more confident in this choice due to the absence of any non-silicone additives, and that confidence was well placed! I’ll admit that there are definitely options available that give a much more aesthetically pleasing presentation, but that is where the true beauty of Vape Tools non-stick pad comes through. Since the pads are translucent and clear of any extraneous design or markings there is no place for your concentrates to hide. This also allows for your extracts to be illuminated from the bottom, highlighting any debris or impurities that may have found their way into your products.

These wondrous little pads are available in three different sizes. I picked up both the smallest pad available and the largest. The smallest pad is perfect to lie out on my coffee table with a small assortment of options upon it, while the largest pad turned out to be a bit more than I honestly needed. Being as budget conscious as I am, I couldn’t let that money fall to waste. After a bit of thought, I figured out the perfect way to pull value back out of that huge chunk of silicone. I brought all of my glass dishes together and laid them out one by one on the large pad. Fifteen quick minutes of work with a washable marker and a razor blade left me with silicone linings for each and every one of my dishes. Now I’ve got the best of both worlds, the completely non-stick capabilities of silicone paired with the beautiful artwork of my borosilicate dishes!

As this market continues to grow, this wave of new products is only likely to grow bigger and quicker. Many of them have already made their arrival with every intention of finding success from flashy packaging and marketing, but this is one area where function takes a definite front seat to form. As such, I feel that anyone utilizing essential oils or extracts could benefit greatly from Vape Tools’ non-stick silicone pads!

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