Vortex Hollow

Several years ago you would be hard pressed to find space to sit in my living room during a smoke session, and my glass collection was filled with all the appropriate hardware to handle a small platoon of smokers at once. Over time my typical gatherings have grown smaller and smaller, dipping from a healthy dozen to only two or three people sharing a bowl. As such, my glass family has slowly become geared for these small groups.

But… on occasion I will still have the circle grow considerably for a night. I quickly grow tired of having to pack and repack throughout the entire night and have decided to start rolling cigars instead. This would allow me to keep everyone in rotation, but I’ve got all the manual dexterity of a toddler wearing over mitts. Any wrap twisted by me seems to smoke about as enjoyably as the shoes I am wearing. Usually someone within the group is bold enough to step up and put their rolling skills to the test, but I honestly feel that I should be able to provide as host.

Having seen my fair share of cigar wraps over the years, I wasn’t actively looking for a different option. I made the mistake of assuming there wasn’t one available since I hadn’t seen any variance beyond texture and flavor. That assumption was proven glaringly wrong when I came across the Vortex Hollow. What differentiates this wrap from the rest is the inclusion of a hollow center airway into its patented design.

This has been accomplished by tethering an extra paper containing a thin rod to the center of the wrap. You fill the area on either side and underneath this tube with your smoking blend of choice and roll tightly using the rod as support. This configuration creates an ease of rolling I haven’t seen outside of Randy’s papers. After sealing the cigar, pull the rod from the center, and your Vortex Hollow is flame worthy.

Within a few good puffs I took note of just how smoothly this beast burns. The unique airflow allows for a pleasantly thick smoke to be produced with the easiest of draws. This also keeps the tip burning evenly due to the increased oxygen being fed through the center. From first spark to the dying embers, the blueberry flavor I’ve been jiving on blends perfectly with my smoke. In addition to the bombastic blueberry option, Vortex Hollows are available in strawberry, grape, and vanilla, with natural for all the purists out there.

Its creator claimed that the design also provided protection against punctures and tears… so I had to put it to the test! I punished the second Vortex Hollow that I rolled with the aid of a pocket knife, creating a healthy dozen short slashes and punctures. Despite being the victim of an unprovoked knifing, the burn was even, the smoke was smooth, and the taste unaltered. Short of cutting at least halfway through the wrap, there doesn’t seem to be much that will phase a well rolled Vortex.

Overall, this product could have succeeded solely on the novelty of the idea. That being said, the creative minds behind the Vortex Hollow put a copious amount of thought and effort into making sure this wrap was designed for the end consumer in mind. That effort was definitely not made in vain. I can honestly say that this is the first cigar wrap to impress me in any category other than taste. If you haven’t already had the pleasure of experiencing one, the search for a Vortex Hollow is more than worth it!

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